Ambassador Application

Who we are looking for

We want our Ambassadors to be extremely motivated individuals. Those that stand out and make people wonder, "What is different about them?" This difference, of course, is the dedication to giving all glory back to God through whatever you do. We want our apparel to empower people, let them be motivated, let them be different, and ultimately when asked about this difference, let them have the ability to share their faith.

What we expect of our Ambassadors

  • Direct people to the All Glory Apparel's website and social media accounts.
  • Post regularly associating yourself with our brand and message.
  • Work to find events that AG can get involved in around your community.

More details will be released after the application process.


  • Discount code on AG gear for you personally.
  • Another code to share with your friends, family, and following that credits you for sales when used. The use of this code will be tracked by us, and will allow you to work your way to higher levels of ambassadorship with our brand.
  • Opportunity to work towards receiving new products pre-release, and earning money.
  • Opportunity to be featured on our website/social media.
  • Be the first to know about new drops and releases.
  • Network with those behind All Glory Apparel and other ambassadors for support, advice on your personal brand, growing your following, or anything else. We're creating a community here!

Specific benefits and more details will be released upon acceptance into the program. 


Fill out the Ambassadorship Application below